Social Media Marketing Capstone Presentation

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Calla & Ivy, a flower business in Amsterdam, is focused on building out its e-commerce business.  Sales in the store in Amsterdam have been great, and people especially like the bouquets Imra, the owner, and her team create.  Now, they are offering the same bouquets online.  

They launched the website, and sales have been good so far, but they would like to see a further increase in sales of 10% by the end of Q1 (the first quarter of the year).  The team decided to run a campaign focused on fall bouquets on the Facebook platform, including Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network.  This campaign should help them generate more traffic to the website, so people get to know the brand and its offering.  And, they hope that this will make people buy bouquets when the time is right.  

For the campaign, Calla & Ivy decided to target people that are similar to their best clients in their store in Amsterdam, women, between 24 and 55 years old who are interested in cut flowers.  And, while they are ramping up delivery for the entire country, they initially target the Northern Holland region.  

The team decided to add a promotion to the campaign, offering free shipping.  But, they were curious about what would make people click more – free shipping or 10% off. Either offer would result in the same cost for Calla & Ivy. The team decided to include an A/B test to evaluate which ad would help them most to achieve their campaign objective. 

This presentation outlines the results of the campaign. It also provides a breakdown of the campaign results and provides a summary of my findings. Lastly, I make recommendations for the next steps for Calla & Ivy’s marketing campaign.

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